How to Care for Handmade Jewellery and Accessories

Caring for your handmade jewellery properly is the key to ensuring it lasts longer than you do and sadly we most often get questions about product care when it’s too late. It’s pretty much common sense but to help everyone out a little, we’ve prepared some articles on the best ways to look after your collection of hand-crafted accessories.

Common to all handmade accessories is the need to keep your pieces away from perfume and hairspray – the chemicals in these products have the potential to damage and discolour your items. Always apply perfume and hairspray before putting your fashion accessories on to reduce the exposure to these checmicals.

Most hand-crafted accessories should also be kept away from heat sources (such as heaters) in winter and chlorinated or salt water in summer.

Handmade Jewellery Care guides

With a little care and the cleaning methods outlined below, you’re handmade accessories will retain their original beauty for longer and you will be able to continue to enjoy wearing them for as long as possible.

  1. How to Care for Feather Jewellery and Accessories
  2. How to Care for Leather Jewellery and Accessories
  3. How to Care for Bronze Jewellery and Accessories
  4. How to Care for Brass Jewellery and Accessories
  5. How to Care for Surgical and Stainless Steel Jewellery and Accessories
  6. How to Care for PewterJewellery and Accessories
  7. How to Care for Silver and Silver-plated Jewellery and Accessories
  8. How to Care for Gold and Gold-plated Jewellery and Accessories

We do occasionally receive questions regarding how to look after pieces that we haven’t made, using materials we don’t use and in the spirit of giving folks a hand, we’ll place guides to looking after those items in the near future, when time permits.