Sun Catcher (XIII)


Sun-catchers : jewellery for your home
Hand cut solid brass with Clear Crystal Quartz
A perfectly balanced form: crescent moon, full moon and gradation of triangles, sun catcher has a beautiful fluid movement.
Hang near a window or door and be mesmerised by the flashes of gold as the solid brass catches rays of light.
Like the brass the clear crystal quartz is illuminated by the sun, adding a feeling of purity to your room.
Alternatively hang on the wall a cool future primitive vibe.
We only use a-grade, hand picked clear crystal quartz.
Each quartz is carefully chosen to suit the piece, making every piece totally unique!
Please not that as all pieces are handmade they may vary slightly from the picture.


This Sun Catcher features symbology that represents feminine energy, specifically bringing  a harmonious and serene vibe to your space.

The moon is representative of the Divine Feminine and the healer  in the star system. It also has an influence on the cycles and natural rhythms of life, the movement of the oceans, our bodily fluids and our emotions. Everything that moves on planet earth is moved to some degree by the moon too.

Increasing the energy of the symbols is the triangle. It represents enlightenment, revelation, and a higher perspective and a balance between mind body and spirit.

Energetically, triangles direct energy and power in the direction which they point, with most of the triangles in this sun catcher pointing downwards to represent female energy pulling power from the earth , ultimately a balanced , calming feeling to your room.