Sacred Geometry Vlll


Copper / Copper Chain / Clear Crystal Quartz
All copper pieces are finished with specialist jewellery wax to maintain lustre and prevent oxidation.
This neckpiece is made to order and may take 3 days to ship.
We only use a-grade, hand picked clear crystal quartz.
Each quartz is carefully chosen to suit the neckpiece, making every piece totally unique
Elegant, simple design meets mystic sacred geometry.
Add a cool quartz shard and you have and uber cool neckpiece.
Sacred geometry is often referred to in terms of its relation to cosmology or religion,
but it also has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles in nature.
… and nature is our biggest inspiration at Wyldling.
Simple forms combined create beautiful, harmonious shapes and patterns and bring a restfulness vibe to the eye and soul.

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