Gold Isis Candelabra


Metallic Gold Paint | Resin
Height: 36cm Width: 29cm

Here at Wyldling we love our fearless women; our deities.

Woman that inspire us and guide us.

Woman that encourage the belief that we can be and do whatever we put our mind to….

Isis with her outstretched wings and proud stature signifies this sentiment.

She stood for protection, healing, motherhood, children, fertility, and nature.

She is also known for using powerful magic spells to help people in need, those on the fringes of society.

The outspread wings are symbols of protection in both this life and the afterlife.
When I’m meditating I light the candles and bliss out to the soft glow…

The detail on this artwork is beautiful; from the stylised feathers in her wings to the hieroglyphs on her skirt.