Extra Large Sun Catcher ( XII )


Sun-catchers : jewellery for your home
Hand cut solid brass with large pyramid shaped apophyllite
Length from top of the small circle to bottom of crystal: 100cm approximately Width 30cm
nspired by alchemic symbols and The Elements:
The crescent moon represents a strong feminine aspect while the inverted triangle represents the earth; mother earth and being ‘grounded’
Hang on the wall a cool future primitive vibe.
Alternatively hang near a window or door and be mesmerised by the flashes of gold as the solid brass catches rays of light.
Like the brass the clear crystal quartz is illuminated by the sun, adding a feeling of purity to your room.

Holistic Properties
Apophyllite is calming and tranquil, and encourages honesty to self and others. It is excellent in stressful situations, and for clearing negative thought patterns.
A single natural pyramid of apophyllite can energetically clear a room. It is a wonderful transmitter of energy, and enhances vision and healing work – so much so that many Reiki practitioners refer to it as the “Reiki Stone”
We only use a-grade, hand picked crystal quartz.
Each quartz is carefully chosen to suit the piece, making every piece totally unique!
*Please note that this item is made to order so made take up to 3 days to ship

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