Aurora Asymmetrical Earrings


Aurora Crystal Shards / Copper / Copper Earhooks
One of a kind
Length from top of ear-hook to bottom of quartz (long) 7.7cm
Length from top of ear-hook to bottom of quartz (short) 4cm
Totally rad earrings that flash bright gold / green / purple.
Aurora Quartz is created by the alchemic process of bonding Titanium onto pure quartz.
Powdered titanium metal, known for its rainbow colours when heated is placed in a kiln with the raw crystal quartz. Once a specific temperature is reached the metal bonds onto the exterior of the quartz creating a permanent coloured finish, consisting of stunning iridescent green, purple and gold.
Holistic Properties:
It activates the energy centre in the body and brings a vibrant energy and a zest for life.
It helps release negative emotions such as resentment and grief from the past, making us vital and harmonious

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