wyldling: handmade fashion jewellery and urban accessories

Designed and handcrafted in a small studio on the east coast of Australia, Wyldling is a boutique label producing men’s & women’s limited edition fashion accessories.
The range is personified by an underlying confidence: a defiant independence that has been inspired by the modernist shapes of the 1960’s and 70’s and geometric motifs from the ancient world.
The woman behind the label, Claire Suzy Stannard, was a child of the 70’s and experienced a bohemian, free-wheelin’, artistic upbringing. The style of the time was bold, geometric, trippy and fun.
The fashion was luxe, flowing and theatrical. Women on the big screen were sexy and empowered.
Fast forward a few years, add a degree in jewellery and object design and you have the distillation of these influences into a truly authentic, unique fashion accessories label.
Each piece is conceived and handcrafted in the Newcastle studio. As is often the way with creatively driven people, the range is constantly morphing and evolving – either limited editions or one-offs….not the stamp em’ out mass production that you see in the malls.
Featuring bronze castings (done the old-school way), copper, brass, feathers and leather (supplied by a quality Australian tannery), each piece personifies quality original handmade jewellery from concept to production.