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Sacred Geometry Wall Hanging
Brass, plywood, hemp and cotton.
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Sacred Geometry Wall Hanging
Brass, plywood, hemp and cotton.


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Is there just the one?

Where do I buy this???

I'd love to buy one of these too

Love this!

Love it !

I want one!!!

Sold 100%

Kassie Wales love

Renee Barnes u could make this

Mel would you ever try one of these?

Jessica Anne Franchi

Shaun Shazz put this one the list please 😘

Alex Blake now these ar nice


Easy Linda

April Maree Grady

Catherine Fisher

Sinead Caitlin White

Jenna Doherty

Shana O'donnell

Chantelle Franks

Ja De 😉

George Draws!!!!

Justice Rahurahu

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4 weeks ago


Loving winter and all the warm, muted colours she brings....
Some new, head turning warrior neckpieces (plus some classics from our regular range - ON SALE).
Scroll through for prices and pm us asap if you'd like to purchase.
Cheers Claire ❄️
mob 0414184152
paypal, Direct Deposit or Credit Card over the phone
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Lorren check out this page. Some of the pieces are amazing 🙌🏻

Stunning pieces...as usual.

Ella Pasanen 😍😍 love these pieces !

Your work is absolutely stunning! So perfect for the kind of work I am doing. Will definitely be hunting down your pieces xx 😍😍

For next years Viking funeral Jayne Hadley

Trudy Martin check out these beautiful pieces

Ulla Hietamaki something for you?x

Sinik Hogan look😇

Vrinda Rodwell Suniti Rodwell

Casey Sinclair Hook 😍😍😍😍

Tenille Rogers

Jason Rennie

Erika Pattrick

Jessica Anne

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2 months ago


Hello Newcastle!
Where are you ? Ok l know it's a wee bit chilly, so I'm offering $20 off each purchase down at The Olive Tree Market @ Civic Park.
Also available for wyldling clan fans on Facebook... just pm me x
Scroll through for prices!
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Do u sell through a store in Melb?

Hey Mina Sorvillo have you checked this out? Have you purchased something?

Rhiannon James thought you'd like this stuff

Dancy Foster 😍😍

Lauren Hanson-Viney

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3 months ago


One of a kind chest piece for Warrior Masquerade Ball ⚡️🌘 ... See MoreSee Less

One of a kind chest piece for Warrior Masquerade Ball ⚡️🌘


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Thats beautiful. Whats a piece like this worth?

Love it! 😍

Hi Claire, have sent you a PM

3 months ago


Wyldling by name, wyldling by nature ⚡️✨
Checkout our latest capsule range, inspired the classic movie
' Clan of the Cave Bear' featuring the stunning Daryl Hannah
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Angela Hawley Kristy Michelle Rarni Hammond Check this page out 😍 i looove their stuff!

Excellent inspiration, loved that movie!

Michele Minarik I love!!

Barbara Courtille I think you'll love this. Same as the earrings I gave you 😊

Kassie Wales not sure if it's your taste or not

Yes I remember Joe

One of my favorite movies. All time favorite book

Mia Stanford

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